Pinpoint Changelog

New updates and improvements to Pinpoint


Content Planning and Briefs


Planning has taken on a whole new life with the addition of content briefs and other improvements as well as visibility into the state of any piece of content.


Audience Segmentation, Subscriber Details + Regional Deployments


Audience Segmentation, Subscriber Details, Regional Deployments, Zapier, Salesforce, Intercom and Pipedrive - oh my!

New Editor, Cover Media and Hire a Writer


This release is packed with a brand new editor, enhanced cover media editor and ability to hire a professional writer inside Pinpoint!

Fully customizable themes and site deployments


Fully customizable themes, react UI library and site deployments

Email retargeting, LinkedIn for Orgs and Linear


We're excited to announce Email retargeting, LinkedIn Org support and Linear integration!

Linked Content Blocks


Linked content blocks allow you to populate your content from the recently completed work. Annotations show you which issues and pull requests are linked.

Publishing Controls and Social Posting


When you publish a changelog you will now see a new Publish dialog which grants finer control over when you want to notify your subscribers.

Changelog planning just got way simpler!


We could not be more excited to announce this feature 📣 This was born through our own use of the product after we integrated with GitHub. Once you integrate an issue or code system you will see Planning populated with your recently completed...

Email validation, filtering, and subscriber search 🔍


As new users subscribe to your changelog you will be able to quickly see if they have verified and validated their email addresses with you. Along with this you also now have the ability to search your subscriber list. This will help you ensure...

Analytics Drill-Down and Localization


We have now added drill-down analytics to give you even deeper insight into where your changelogs are having the most impact. Check out the video below to lear

Already mentioned notice


If you are lucky 🍀 enough to have tried our integrations we will now identify a PR or issue that has previously been mentioned in a changelog entry. Maybe you want to mention it again, your call but we wanted to make sure you knew 😉...