Pinpoint Changelog

New updates and improvements to Pinpoint
Email validation, filtering, and subscriber search 🔍

Email validation, filtering, and subscriber search 🔍

As new users subscribe to your changelog you will be able to quickly see if they have verified and validated their email addresses with you. Along with this you also now have the ability to search your subscriber list. This will help you ensure your list data stays clean. If you are a Mailchimp user you can also sync any list you’d like to Changelog and we will keep everything in sync for you. A more detailed changelog to come for this amazing capability!

Advanced Publish Dialogue

In the first small step to improved publishing, you can now decide if you want to notify your subscribers on publishing. This will give you the ability to publish silently and notify on your own timing. Lots more planned for the publishing dialogue with things like scheduled publishing and automated summary notifications and more.


  • Improve item editor in Planning

  • Fixes the breadcrumb so clicking on steps in the map filter is more intuitive

  • Use query params for pagination to improve SEO

  • Ensure analytics map stays centered