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Changelog planning just got way simpler!

Changelog planning just got way simpler!

We could not be more excited to announce this feature 📣 This was born through our own use of the product after we integrated with GitHub. Once you integrate an issue or code system you will see Planning populated with your recently completed issues or closed PRs. The idea 💡 here is pretty simple, and fun 🕺🏻, any item that is completed will show up for a decision. Is this For Consideration ( should be included at some point ) or Excluded ( doesn’t need to be announced ), that’s it. Once you do that you can begin grouping items and moving them to Ready ✅.

While you are moving things around you can have discussions with your teams about certain items by using comments. Simply click the Comment 💬 icon to start a dialogue and that conversation will follow the card throughout the app. Once you are ready to Publish the changelog simply click the + at the top of the Ready column and a new changelog will be created and is ready for you to update and publish.

If you return to Planning you will now see that there is nothing under Ready or Excluded which is by design. Excluded items are flagged and hidden upon creation of a new changelog and if an item is added to a changelog it is now linked to it. Don’t worry if you end up removing a linked item it will move back to the appropriate column when you return to Planning.

Give it a shot and let us know what you think, it’s been a gamechanger for us and we are excited to see how it helps you build beautiful changelogs in less time.