Pinpoint Changelog

New updates and improvements to Pinpoint

Today, we’re excited to introduce Pinpoint Feedback! We have been hard at working building out our feedback capability and it’s available today. This has been one of the most requested features and we found ourselves time and again wanting easier ways to gather feedback from our own content and our own end users. We’ve been using Feedback ourselves for a couple of weeks and we’ve super thrilled with how well it’s working.

How does it work?

Here’s how it works. Now, all sites published via Pinpoint have an embedded Feedback widget at the bottom of your post (this is automatic). This widget is smart enough to know if the user is already a subscriber and suppress the email field and if not, will automatically ask them their email and then automatically subscriber them.

Example of an embedded feedback widget
Example of an embedded feedback widget

In addition, you can embed this Feedback widget in your own sites or apps. For example, we’ve integrated it directly into the Pinpoint side in admin.

When you click the feedback, we show the Feedback Dialog widget:

This is all 100% configurable, no-code, in the Pinpoint Widget designer:

Once you’ve configured your Feedback widget, you can then add the Feedback widget or Feedback Dialog widget to any site or app you control across the web. And any changes you make as instantaneous.

How to action Feedback

Once you start getting feedback, you can login to the Pinpoint app and use the new Feedback inbox to quickly review, communicate and prioritize user feedback. You can communicate directly with the users using pre-canned responses or typing just as you would in chat. We will email the user and track their responses and interactions here as well. In addition, you and your users can stay in email and all responses are tracked in the UI automatically. For each Pinpoint site, we give you a special email address you can use to alias to your own email (such as if you’d like to accept email Feedback in addition to the web.

Each user you communicate with has their own subscriber history so you can see how they’ve interacted with your content in a single view. As features are being prepared for delivery and ultimately delivered as you publish content we will close the loop with them as well as anyone who follows a particular piece of feedback. You can even link your Feedback to your issue or source system (such as Jira, Linear, GitHub, etc).

Feedback gives you the power to very easy collect information directly from your users, across any of your websites and apps and the action that feedback directly and keep everyone informed. We’re excited to see how you’ll use it. And, we always WELCOME YOUR FEEDBACK!