Pinpoint Changelog

New updates and improvements to Pinpoint
Email retargeting, LinkedIn for Orgs and Linear

Email Retargeting

Ever wondered how to get more reach from your emails but not sure how? Here’s how: 24 hours after you publish your content we’ll spin up the cloud calculator and figure out how many subscribers didn’t open your email and then we’ll create a retargeting email to send to them. You can update the subject line to change the message (if you choose) and we’ll send when you press Go.

Retargeting Made Easy
Retargeting Made Easy

Linear integration

We’re excited to announce Linear integration for Pinpoint (which we use and ❤️!). Much like the Jira integration, we will watch your Linear project for issues that are completed and you will then see them in Planning as they close so you can decide if something should be Considered or Excluded from an upcoming release.

LinkedIn support for Organizations

Our LinkedIn integration now has support for not only your personal LinkedIn but also any Organization you may be part of that you have permission to post on behalf of. You will have the choice upon connecting LinkedIn to set the default posting account for your next publication.

🤠 Next generation of Publishing

We have some exciting stuff we’re working on around how to better manage the content you create with Pinpoint. We want to enable you to be able to not only create and publish content using Pinpoint but also bringing that content with you in different locations - such as inside your own app or another website you own.

Check out our new repo we’re working on over at GitHub if you’re interested in following along. More information to come in the next week on this.