Pinpoint Changelog

New updates and improvements to Pinpoint

Today, we’re happy to announce Pinpoint Widgets. We’ve been using them ourselves now for a couple of weeks (have you noticed?) and we’re excited about this new feature and we’ve had a lot of people ask for this feature.

Pinpoint Widgets give you the ability to display your content anywhere on the web that you create in Pinpoint. For any Pinpoint-managed site, you can build and activate widgets dynamically from the Pinpoint admin. For sites outside of Pinpoint, will one simple JavaScript include for that site, you can unlock the power of Pinpoint content and dynamically turn on and off the content all from inside Pinpoint. Once enabled, you can create sophisticated targeting rules on when to deliver the content and how it’s disabled. Not only that, each user can be easily identified and tracked inside Pinpoint.

These widgets can be created in just a few clicks. After a widget is created you can use properties to customize the look and feel along with placement. From there you set the target using simple CSS, click publish and the widget will be live and ready to attract more views, engagement, and feedback from your current users.

One example of a widget is our Most Recent Posts widget can be seen below. This widget allows you to create and customize a grid of your most recent posts. You are able to customize the count and style of each widget or completely customize them with your own CSS. After that you set the trigger, publish and that’s it!

Currently, we have six different types of widgets you can start using today. Let us know what you’d like to see next! (See the feedback form below, it’s a Widget!)