Pinpoint Changelog

New updates and improvements to Pinpoint
Fully customizable themes and site deployments

Site Deployments

Today, we’re pleased to introduce site deployments. You can now control end-to-end the entire publishing process and fully customize it the way you want.

You have two options for customizing your site now:

  • You can use our new App Template and customize it however you want. Out of the box, it’s a beautiful theme already (and the default if you chose not to customize).

  • You can use our API and build your site however you want and run it wherever you want. With this option, you get the power of the Pinpoint platform but the flexibility for content placement.

Even using our App Template, you can customize it and deploy it to your favorite static site deployment provider such as Vercel or Netlify. We even provide you with the Button on the template to deploy it directly. In addition, the App Template comes with an automatic GitHub Action to deploy to Pinpoint if you are using GitHub.

Deploying your changes to your site is as easy as running npm run deploy from the command line. Once deployed, you can see the lifecycle and logs for each of your deployments.

Site Deployments
Site Deployments

React UI Library

But we didn’t stop at just giving you the ability to control your published content! Today, we’re open sourcing our React UI Component library to help you build your content. The default application template uses this library, but you can also bring these components into your own websites or applications like any standard React library. This gives you an easy way to manage your content in Pinpoint and then remix it any place you want. And we’ve got a full test suite and documentation built right in using Storybook.

Pinpoint React Library Storybook
Pinpoint React Library Storybook

The library has a combination of low-level components, higher level components (pages etc) and utilities for accessing your data via our API.

Devs: PRs are welcome. 🚀

And we’re not stopping there. Very soon we’re going to provide you with different types of product templates - starting with a blog specific template and documentation site. Those should be available really soon.

If you’re an existing user, how do you get the new capability? Don’t worry, we’ve already migrated your site underneath the cover. All new sites automatically get the new and improved site template out-of-the-box and paid customers can immediately start using the new functionality today.