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New updates and improvements to Pinpoint
Analytics Drill-Down and Localization

Analytics Drill-Down and Localization

We have now added drill-down analytics to give you even deeper insight into where your changelogs are having the most impact. Check out the video below to learn more, or better yet sign up for your own changelog site and start letting people know what you are up to!

Dates and times localized to you!

Timezones and dates, in general, can be tricky to work with but we think we have it figured out now and you are the beneficiary 🙂 as you can see below Chicago (left) vs London (right) shows the same time frame but the days are labeled differently


and the same for 2 weeks, etc:


Bug Fixes

Support rewriting URLs when you change the site slug or if you go to the site slug and you have a hostname configured