Q4 2021 Roadmap

The Q4 Roadmap for Pinpoint
Features we're considering
Asset Library
Management of assets
Ability to manage various assets used across your site
Ability to upload assets and then reference them in content
Ability to track asset analytics
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Widget Targeting
More advanced targeting capabilities
Ability to target widgets based on more complicated rules such as a user being the member of a segment
Ability to create more than one target rule
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Up Next
Features we're working on next
Improve Notifications
Improve notification users via email in addition to in app notifications in the admin dashboard
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Additional publishing features
Ability to create standalone pages such as landing pages, etc
Ability to customize the social message / image per social channel
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In Development
Features we're working on now
Roadmap improvements
Ability to vote on public roadmap items
Ability to comment on public roadmap items
Ability to link a feedback to a roadmap item
Ability to integrate issue system like Planning
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Features we've recently released
There are currently no items in this stage on the roadmap.